Auditing Services

The Certified Public Accountants, who staff VNT Auditing sa, have long – term experience in major international audit firms. For this reason, the provided audit and related audit services is based on advanced methodologies and meet the modern business needs and information requirements of regulator and supervisor authorities.

Oriented towards the needs of each customer

Our audit approach adapted to suit the peculiarities and needs of each client, ensuring quality audit services in accordance with International Auditing Standards and legislation in Greece, within a reasonable time.

Our method focuses on on understanding the customer activities and the study of the internal control systems of the companies, in order to allow the safe certification of financial statements and safeguarding the business interests.

Our audit is not a typical procedure, but one attempt in depth knowledge of the business, so that we are able to make the appropriate recommendations, leading ultimately to its development and evolution.

Audit Categories
  • Company's Financial Statements Audit (GR - GAAP / IFRS)
  • Consolidated Financial Statements Audit (GR - GAAP / IFRS)
  • Reviews of Financial Statements (GR - GAAP / IFRS)
  • Related Services (Pre-agreed Procedures)
  • Financial Audits for Introduction Companies in the ASE
  • Audit Controls
  • Specific Objects Audit
  • Tax compliance report: From the year 2011 and then, he tax legislation stipulates that the companies are mandatory audited by statutory auditors and they are subjected to a tax audit.